Every member has a success story…

Check out Shaun’s Story below.

Transformation isn’t a destination–rather it’s a series of moments that changes your way of thinking, forms new habits and creates a map that leads to your goal.

Here at TruBody, we like to take the time to highlight the transformation journeys of our MVPs. Just like you, each story is different but a testament to the incredible will and commitment it takes to push towards their goals.

Meet Shaun…

“Before Finding Trubody my major struggle was my diet, exercise, and my weight. I didn’t know enough about eating healthy and I kept getting tired of the small amounts of health foods that I did know to eat.”

What were your biggest frustrations with your health, body, and fitness at that time?

“Health – My weight was causing me to have health problems that could be fixed with diet and exercise but I did not know where to start.

Body – not being happy with myself due to my weight

Fitness – I did not know where to start, or how to do the exercises without hurting myself.”

How did the Trubody program help me?

“It has helped me tremendously. It has given me structure in both diet and exercise. Trubody has put me on the right path to a happier and healthier lifestyle.”

How is life different for me now? What has changed?

“Losing weight, I have gained more energy and more confidence in myself. I feel great. I just don’t sit around wanting to watch tv anymore. I’m more active. Since my weight loss people have noticed and have given me compliments which keeps me motivated to keep going.”

“I could not have done it without my TruBody family. I would like to thank the coaches for helping me through my journey. This is just the beginning to a happier and healthier me.”


Stay tuned…his journey is far from over!

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