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Check out Asia’s Story below.

Transformation isn’t a destination–rather it’s a series of moments that changes your way of thinking, forms new habits and creates a map that leads to your goal.

Here at TruBody we like to take the time to highlight the transformation journeys of our MVPs. Just like you, each story is different but a testament to the incredible will and commitment it takes to push towards their goals.

Meet Asia…

“TruBody Wellness has CHANGED MY LIFE! I am in the best shape ever in a very long time and this place has helped me get there. SO GRATEFUL for the family oriented environment, the motivation and encouragement from the other coaches Michael Hunt, Mikalah Goode and amazing staff Toniesha Utuk (great massage therapy) ? is like any other. You will get the training and more than enough personal attention that you will need. All other gyms treat you as a customer. TruBody treats you like a family member. They really care about you reaching your personal goals and help you reach them. I have dealt with weight issues for a very long time and for once I have been able to restore my confidence because I took another chance to get STARTED on getting healthy again and this is the place for me. I am hooked! Especially during the 6 Week Challenge, I lost 20.2lbs.! I am a walking testimony for sticking to a plan and changing my eating habits and living a healthier lifestyle while incorporating exercise which has become part of my daily routine. I ADVOCATE for TruBody Wellness and I challenge everyone who wants CHANGE their LIFE for the better. GO FOR it just like I did. You won’t regret it. I most certainly don’t. One of the best decisions of my life. By the way…VERY AFFORDABLE. Those who know me know I am on the “Frugal” side so if I say it is affordable. It must be. Lol ? GO GET YOUR TRUBODY! I did.

Transformation Journey-AsiaO
Asia lost 20 lbs in her first 6 weeks at TruBody Wellness

Take a look at her journey…

“I had SO MUCH fun during this journey. There were good days, bad days and STRESSED out days but overall I was able to get through it with words of encouragement, motivation and those that inspire me to do better and push me. Thanks to ALL the coaches, Coach Transcendent Utenge Utuk, Coach Michael Hunt and Coach Mikalah Goode ?

Asia takes the FitRanX Level 1 Test and levels up at TruBody Wellness
Asia takes the FitRanX Level 1 Test and levels up at TruBody Wellness

“GLORY to GOD!!! I PASSED my FitRanX Fitness test!!! It has truly been a journey that has required discipline, dedication, motivation, strength and focus. When you strive for your GOALS and are surrounded by people who push you to do better and have a common goal it makes it easy. I am so glad that I have a new family, my TruBody family. We are strong, we motivate and inspire each other. A GREAT SUPPORT SYSTEM! I can’t wait to continue this lifestyle of living. #TruBodyIsMyNewBody ❤

Stay tuned…her journey is far from over!

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